Crystal Caruthers


Crystal has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and worked in aerospace and construction, but eventually realized that wasn’t the path she wanted to follow.  She began investing in real estate in 2004, and became a full-time investor in 2013, with the desire to build her business while home with her small children.

She and Steve began aggressively building a single family rental portfolio using creative real estate by marketing directly to home owners, and she specialized in off-market, discounted acquisitions and focused on “win-win solutions” to people’s problems.  They embraced all aspects of investing, buying as many “ugly” houses as they could to keep as rentals, as well as flipping houses, selling houses with financing or lease options, and wholesaling.

Through the years, they also built up a hard money lending business and their own property management company, as well as serving as mentors to many of their local investors.  Eventually, they began transitioning away from single family homes to much larger properties.

Today, she focuses on Chromis Capital LLC, bringing her off-market acquisition skills to a new asset class, working with passive investors to help them invest in large multi-family and commercial properties. 

Crystal and Steve have two children, and she is passionate about her kids, traveling, teaching others how to invest, and helping people by showing them the importance of making their money work for them.

Crystal Caruthers

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